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We are people-oriented, with the goal of leading a better life by cutting-edge vacuum technology, adhering to the inherent craftsman spirit of Aifake people, making constant progress, and making continuous contributions to the development of science and technology in China and even the world!
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Consultation: screw pump, gas analyzer, vanadium oxide, ion implantation and other product problems
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Can consult: screw pump, cryogenic pump, gas analyzer, sputtering and other products after-sales problems
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Company news
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Exhibition activities
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Aifake Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in vacuum equipment sales and after-sales maintenance. It has the most advanced and perfect vacuum equipment maintenance technical team in China, providing complete technical services such as regular maintenance, repair and transformation of equipment.
Main products: gas analyzer, ion pump, cryogenic pump, ion implantation, vacuum gauge, screw pump, leak detector, sputtering, vanadium oxide, power devices and other products production and sales
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